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PostSubject: Shusuke amagai   Shusuke amagai I_icon_minitimeSat May 29, 2010 4:43 am

Basic Information
Name:Shūsuke Amagai
Age: 508
Gender: Male
Division: 13
Looks: Shusuke amagai Pic
Rank Captain

Techniques (Optional, but good to have)
Name: Right hand Sword
Description: This tech is a tech that Amagai worked on for a
long time, Amagai has not yet perfected this skill but he uses it in battle so
he can perfect it. This tech allows Amagai to forge a sword using his reiatsu.
This sword allows Amagai to shoot numerous amounts of reiatsu at the enemy.

Zanpaktou Information
Zanpaktou Name: Raika
Zanpakutou AppearenceShusuke amagai Clip_image003
Shikai Appearence:Shusuke amagai Shusuke_Amagai_Shikai__Raika_by_SelectaD

Shikai Ability:Raika (雷火,
Lightning Flash): In its seal form it resembles a small sword such a kodachi.
It has an olive green handle with a bronze bow-shaped guard. He carries it in a
red scabbard attached to a strap hanging on his waist.
Raika in its released state.

* Shikai: Raika's release command is Sever (断ち切れ,
tachikire). Amagai holds his Zanpakutō upside down behind his back and calls
out the release command. In its Shikai, Raika takes the form of a white
longsword with a hook at the end and curved shell-like pipes that form the
hilt. Upon transformation, flames emit from the pipes.[6]

Raika's blade being heated and emitting flames

Shikai Special Ability: The pipes emit fire, heating the blade and causing it
to take on a more fiery color. By heating the blade it has shown to be strong
enough to resist and repel Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshō.[6]

Amagai creating a fireball

* Fireball: Amagai can focus fireballs into the crux of the hook and by
swinging forward he can release large fireballs through the air towards his
target. Its attack power is shown to be great enough to counter the Shikai of
Hyōrinmaru, the most powerful ice-based Zanpakutō.

Amagai's fissure of fire

* Fissures of Fire:Amagai can then focus fireballs into the crux of the hook
and, by slamming it into the ground, he creates large fissures of flames that
travel to the enemies at fast speeds.[6]

Bankai Appearence:Shusuke amagai 800px-Amagai_bankai_special

Bankai Ability: Amagai is no fire resistant and also can manipulate

* Bankai: Raika Gōen Kaku ([/b]雷火 豪炎殻, Lightning Flash Flame
Shell): Amagai holds out his Zanpakutō in front of him as fire swells around
him. Raika becomes a large and more detailed version of its former self. Raika
Gōen Kaku takes the form of an enlarged sword and turns the edge of the blade a
crimson red color with a hook at the end; the inner side of the hook-blade
sports several jagged edges. A large white shell with a light-purple trim. A
massive hollow pauldron/shield with the handle is hidden behind it. The sword
is about as tall as Amagai in this form.

Bankai blade becoming fiery

Bankai Special Ability: In this form the sword's blade becomes fiery,
and fire shoots from the pauldron when its powers are being used. The sword's
blasts of fire are much more potent, large and powerful in this form, and the
pauldron on his sword can be used as a means of defense as well.

Amagai shooting fire from the pauldron

* Flamethrower:While in this form, the pauldron acts as a high
intensity flame thrower when it is turned toward an opponent, incinerating the
ground in its path.

Fissure of Fire

* Enhanced Fissures of Fire:The abilities of the Zanpakutō are known to
create fissures of fire with devastating effect. He heats his blade and it
turns fiery and then by slamming it in the ground it is capable of creating a
large wave of fire rushing forward and further destroying any enemy that
becomes enveloped in the flames. It is strong enough to force Ichigo to resort
to using his mask.

Wave of Fire

* Wave of Fire: As his blade heats up, he holds it vertically and by
slamming his sword into the ground a wave of fire heads toward the enemy. While
it looks strong Ichigo seems to be able to pass through it with relative ease.

Gōen Ryūga.

* Gōen Ryūga ([/b]業炎龍牙,
Ultra Dragon Fang Flame): Amagai twirls his sword above his head, and the blade
becomes fiery and flames shoot from the pauldron, while lightning builds and he
then slams the blade into the ground accompanied by a lighting strike. The
ground begins to shake as multiple fire spears shoot from the ground at varied
angles to trap the opponent in a prison of flames. However, a side effect of
this technique is that it leaves Amagai looking very tired. He is also capable
of releasing at least one fire spear at a time from the ground.

Gōen Ryūga, Homura.

* Gōen Ryūga, Homura (
業炎龍牙 , Ultmate Dragon Fang Flame,
Homura): Amagai lifts his sword over his head and its entirety is inflamed. He
then strikes it toward his opponent allowing him to send a giant fireball at
the opponent.


* Raiendan (
Lightning Fireballs): He uses the tip of his sword to fire out a multitude of
fireballs toward his opponent.

Zanpaktou Release Phrase:
(what you say when you release
your Zanpaktou)

Choose one of the following for each. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
Kido/Ginto: Advanced

Gaki Rekkō (牙気裂光, Raging
Light Fang) This technique was used by Kōga Kuchiki. A spell that makes a
circle of energy, before firing blasts of green light from its center in a
cage-like formation. While both number and classification of this particular
spell is not expressly stated, it is clearly a Destructive spell.[64]

Incantation: Unknown


Unnamed Barrier This technique was used by Byakuya Kuchiki to protect Rukia
Kuchiki. [71][72]

Incantation: Unknown


Raikōhō (雷吼炮, Thunder Roar Cannon) Fires
a massive wave of yellow energy at a target.[41]

Incantation: "Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red
crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The
sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!" ("散在する獣の骨!尖塔紅晶鋼鉄の車輪 動けば風 止まれば空 槍打つ音色が虚城に満ちる!")


Sōren Sōkatsui (双蓮蒼火墜, Twin
Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down) Essentially a doubled version of #33 (labelled as
#73 in anime), this spell fires two shots of blue fire with greater potency
than the single-shot variety.[42]

Incantation: "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of
wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin
lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens." ("君臨者よ!血肉の仮面万象羽ばたきヒトの名を冠す者よ!蒼火の壁に双蓮を刻む 大火の淵を遠天にて待つ")


Sajo Sabaku (鎖条鎖縛, Locking
Bondage Stripes) Similar to Bakudō No. 4, but stronger, this spell binds the
arms of a target.[21]

Incantation: Unknown


Byakurai (白雷, Pale
Lightning) The user fires a concentrated, powerful lightning bolt from their

Incantation: Unknown


Shakkahō (赤火砲, Shot of
Red Fire) Fires a ball of red energy at a target.[36]:

Incantation: "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of
wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier
surges, march on to the south!" ("君臨者よ!血雨の仮面·万象·羽ばたき·ヒトの名を冠す者よ!焦熱と争乱、海隔て逆巻き南へと歩を進めよ!")[36]


Hiryugekizokushintenraiho (飛竜撃賊震天雷砲,
Flying Dragon-Striking Heaven-Shaking Thunder Cannon) Fires a gigantic
electricity blast of spiritual energy resulting in a truly enormous
explosion.[43][44] Its full strength is however unknown since Aizen used
Splitting Void before it could hit him.

Incantation: Unknown

Background and Personality
HistoryThe real world: Amagai was born in Tokyo
under a very poor family. Amagai was forced to pick up stuff from the streets
and sell it , Amagai began to notice that he can see spirits and hollows.
Amagai never wanted this to happen because it was usually pretty dangerous,
Amagai then decided he should move to a different nation. Amagai spent 3 years
in a tiny village that got destroyed by a bored arrancar. Amagai came back to Tokyo
only to find out his father was killed by a rebelling Shinigami. Amagai was overwhelmed
with fear.

4 years have past a Amagai never got over the fact his father was slain, always
looking at a photo of his dad with his mother. A month has past as Amagai
finally bought a house with the love of his life and his mother, Amagai life
was in order but he is still stressed about his father's death. Amagai would
visit his fathers grave everyday until 1 day his mother was also murdered, by
his very own wife. They some how got into a argument about Amagai, apparently
Amagai's wife wanted Amagai to move to Europe because
his mother was always interfering.

Amagai left Tokyo again and moved
to the town of Karakura town,
Amagai found a new wife who eventually killed her self but lets not get into
that now. Amagai life was very depressing he couldn't find happiness, he
usually goes on top of his roof and looks at the sky. One day Amagai was killed
by a hollow, The hollow picked up Amagai and threw him into a building which
broke all his bones as the pieces of rocks and left overs from the building fell
on him making him lose the ability to breath.

Life in The Soul society:Amagai was reborned as a spirit in Rukogai. Amagai
eventually found his father and mother living marrily inside a nice house in
Rukogai, Amagai then attended a Academy for soul reapers but the squads all
rejected him, Amagai was some how not a good team player. Amagai had high
grades , lots of friends but he was not good at working together. Amagai then
went to a former captain for help as he showed Amagai how to be a good team player,
Amagai then learned how to be a nice person as he was asked to join the 13th

Amagai was a nice guy as he noticed he made a rival, a person name Ikamashi.
Ikamashi would try to kill Amagai in missions. Ikamashi was jealous because he
was the only one who could stand a chance against him, 1 day Ikamashi paid a
Arrancar to slaughter Amagai but the 13th division captain seen through that
evil plot and arrested Ikamashi for attempted murder. Amagai was grateful as
his rival left him, a few years after as the Serentei 13th division captain was
murdered by Ikamashi.

The Serentei was under a state of panic so the promoted Amagai as the 13th
division captain, Amagai eventually brought Ikamashi to prison to be sealed in
the town of Karakura town in a deserted
island. Amagai the newest captain, he hoped that people would respect him not
like when he was in the real world.

PersonalityShūsuke appeared to be a rather friendly,
easy-going individual, especially in comparison to his predecessor, and while
he seemed rather loyal and law-abiding, he was willing to bend or break the law
if it meant helping Ichigo discover the truth behind the Kasumiōji incident, a
trait shared by both Ukitake and Kyōraku, both of whom he would often chat (and
drink) with. Decisive, charismatic, and ethical, he quickly proved to be a
capable leader and earned the respect of his subordinates. Despite initially
feeling distrustful towards Shūsuke.

Amagai is shown to be incapable of holding his drink, collapsing even after
eating sake-flavored pickles and acting irrational after smelling the scent of
sake in the air. Although he was initially looked down upon by his fellow
division members, Captain Amagai's methods and ethics have since earned their
respect. Amagai also favors teamwork and coordination between individual
fighters. He used these methods in the Patrol Corps and teaches them when
training his squad.

Amagai is a talkative person to his peers, he would protect his squad no matter
what and how much it takes. Amagai is a pride loving person, his pride is his
life. Amagai never had pride in the human world because people thought he was
poor but in the Serentei Amagai was pretty well known and resepected.

Role-play Sample: Amgai was travelling down a devastating
road, people were fighting and flaming each other and Amgai tried not to get
involved. Amgai then walked as he bumped into a man wearing a dark cloak over
his head."Who are you?" asked Amgai, "You must learn some
manners." added Amgai in the most bossiest tone he ever pulled out from
his hat." sorry sir, I was buying a loaf of bread and-"
said the boy as Amgai put his fingers over the boys mouth. "Its okay, as
long as your are sorry." smiled Amgai. "Thank...thank you sir very
said The boy. Amgai them smiled as he scratched the back of his
head "Its not biggie i am usually this nice when it comes to people who
don't know there way around this area, So... i guess you are new to these
streets." asked Amgai as he smiled gracefully at the boy. "I guess
i am sir."
said the boy in the most lowest tone Amgai has ever heard.
"Don't worry i was new around these streets once, so what is your
name?" asked Amgai. "My name is Hakatowa Hayashi and i am
here visiting."
said Hakatowa.

"Hakatowa ehh? weren't you the former head of the noble family?"
asked Amgai as Hakatowa nodded. "Yes i was, until my brother left
me to die on the streets."
said Hakatowa. Amgai was shocked as he
recalled life in this world goes in alot of different ways. Amgai then smiled
at Hakatowa "You know what? I am going to help you train to fight for my
division!" yelled Amgai. "Ohhh you are a king?"
asked Hakatowa to Amgai. "Yep i am the 13th division Captain.!" said
Amgai in a fun and helpful tone. Hakatowa smiled "Shall we
asked Hakatowa. Amgai then smiled as he pulled out his
sword and threw it Hakatowa as the sword almost sliced his arm off. "Are
you crazy?!?!?!?!? You could of killed
said Hakatowa. Amgai smiled "But i didn't!" said Amgai as he winked
at Hakatowa. Hakatowa laughed as the journeyed to a mystical forest where
suddenly all the animals smiled as they vanished. "What is this
asked Hakatowa.

"This is a Utopia, a perfect world where my ink monsters live." said
Amgai as he past by a monster choking a ink knight. Amgai pulled out his sword,
"RAIKI !! HOWL!" yelled Amgai as the sword sliced
the monster in-half. Amgai then smiled as he closed his eyes slightly and
turned his head to a 140 degree angle. "Its ok he gone now, he won't
bother you anymore." said Amgai as he rearranged his head again and
smiled. The ink man left as Amgai and Hakatowa walked silently to a mountain
with a small arena on it. Amgai drew his sword again and pointed it at
Hakatowa. Hakatowa pulled out a chained lightning whip. "Give me
all you got!!"
said Both of them as both Amgai and Hakatowa
dashed at each other.

"HOWL RAIKI !!" yelled Amgai as a snake like monster
flew towards Hakatowa. Hakatowa reacted quickly as he whipped Raiki right at
the neck slowing it down. "Nice try!" screamed
Hakatowa as he spun in a circular motion as his whipped had a aura of lightning
which sent bolts flying everywhere. Amgai then jumped on to of Raiki .Raiki
blew out a red chi blast flying at Hakatowa quick as Hakatowa got hit sending
him flying towards the wall. "Nice one.." said
Hakatowa getting up all bruised up. Hakatowa then pulled out his sword, "Now
take this."
said Hakatowa as he jumped and stabbed Raiki right at
the fore head causing a explosion, Amgai made a barrier of energy which blocked
the explosion but Hakatowa was pushed back as his shirt was ripped off and his
arms were red, Amgai smiled as he pulled out Hyourinmaru.

"Time for me to go serious" said Amgai as a ice dragon spun around
Amgai, Amgai was holding a spear wearing ice armor as he flash jumped behind
Hakatowa as he pushed him. Hakatowa kicked a massive fireball flying across
Amgais face. Amgai's helmet was cracked as his face was revealed with a big
smile. Amgai the summoned 9 dragons which flew towards Hakatowa as he was
surrounded. "Lets go back to the Serentei ,... Commander
said Amgai smiling proudly when he said that as they
walked back. Amgai and Hakatowa boarded a dragon as they flew off towards the
sky, Amgai then said "Tell me who was the man who made you lose
your throne?"
asked Amgai. Hakatowa said it was a man he once
grew up with him and then betrayed him. His name was R****.
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