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 Unspoken memories

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PostSubject: Unspoken memories   Unspoken memories I_icon_minitimeMon May 10, 2010 5:11 pm


Roxas, Sora, Kairi, Namine, Ruki, Xion, and Kitsune share
one thing in common: They are wielders of a keyblade. These keyblades are said
to hold the power of the gods. For that reason they were scarred across the
worlds to be kept hidden from good and evil alike. With an organization and
creatures after them for their hearts, how will the kids be able to face their destiny?
With the power to be considered good or evil, which side will win in the end?


For one I don’t owe kingdoms hearts never in my wildest dreams could, I
come up with a great epic game like it. The first two chapters will be
prologues for Kitsune and Xion gaining their keyblades. The only things I owe
and Kitsune my sadistic, level headed, gender bending keyblade wielder and
his/her two keyblades Chaos and Blood.


Chapter 1- They chaos
and blood keyblade wielder

Kitsune looked around one last time at his room quickly
before looking at the window again. In truth he was going to visit his friend
Xion later in that night. They hadn’t really been in contact for the last few
years so, it was about time to catch up and play tag. Hearing the clock strike
noon in the town told him it was time to leave the house. He knew it would take
about two hours to get to her house since; he managed to get lost the last

“Mom I’m leaving now!” He yelled opening his window then
climbing out standing on the tree branch that connect his father’s business
with their house. Warm air slapped his cheeks reminding him to leave the window
open or his room would become like an ice cube again.

It felt good to be outside instead of stuck in a hospital
bed for once. To be honest he was still recovering from a fire a week ago. His
father’s shop was set on fire with him still inside because the neighbors
thought he was going to take their customers. The memories still burned into
his mind a simple fact that he should have lived a long time ago: the world is
a cruel place at times. Clutching his shoulders Kitsune, shook his head forcing
the memories away. His mother had taught him not to dwell on the sad things in
life because; if you always do you’ll never grow up.

Maybe I should call
before I get lost again

Something moved in the bushes pulling him out of his
thoughts. The little kids loved to catch him by surprise so; they could have a
good laugh. On the other hand it was sometimes the local street gang who loved
to try to make him live in fear. Sighing he jumped from the tree branch landing
on the ground beneath his feet. What he saw next caught him off guard: two
yellow eyes darted in his direction.

What the hell

A small black shadow like creature with what looked like
lightning bolts for ears came out of the bushes. For a second Kitsune thought
he was imagining things as he blinked his eyes twice. It was still there
staring at him before, charging forward then jumping at him with claws drawn
back. He managed to duck narrowly escaping having claw marks on his left side.
Whatever the thing was it landed on its feet before shooting yellow eyes in his
direction again.

What is that freaking

It won’t stop
attacking you

Flinching at the voice inside his head Kitsune started
backing up towards the wall. Fear took
over his body once his back hit the wall gently making him feel trapped. Two
more of the creatures came out of the ground staring their yellow eyes at him
with hate yet fear also. They seemed scarred of him but, for whatever reason
wouldn’t dare stop attacking.

You are the chosen
wielder of the keyblade

What the heck is a

Use the power of your

The voice was proving even more confusing for him than the
creatures. He had never heard of anything called a keyblade in his life. The
creatures didn’t seem to care as two of them rushed towards him still having
their claws drawn back. An image of having his heart ripped out made him shut
his eyes screaming, he put his heads out in front of him begging for this dream
to be over. Another image came into his mind instantly of two blades like
weapons which oddly and strongly resembled that of keys.

Waken keyblades of
chaos and blood so that you may protect you’re master well

Suddenly the ground shook violently almost sending Kitsune
on his butt. Red flames began spinning around him burning rings into the ground.
For only a moment he thought that the flames would hurt him. Feeling like he
was in an oven he started panting. Turning around he noticed the creature that
that jumped to get him were burned instantly. A hooded black cloak appeared on
his body only to make his panting get more rapid.

What is going o?

The keyblades are
changing you to fit your fighting desire

Looking down at himself Kitsune noticed one huge change
first hand: his chest was getting bigger. Blushing like a fool he let out
constant streams of moans feeling his body breaking apart and remolding its
self into a girl. For what seemed like forever the transformation finally
stopped. When the fire dispersed she felt two blades in her hand. The one in
her left hand was pitch black with what seemed to be fangs at the end which
suddenly resembled a key. The other one was blood red with one white and black
wing folded making a handle; the end had a small Red Crescent moon on the end
making another key like weapon.

What are these and why
am I a freaking girl?

These weapons are
keyblades the only thing that can defeat the darkness…as for the reason you are
a girl it seems that you’re fighting spirit can only be shown as a girl

Great just freaking

Now defeat the
darkness before it overtakes you

How do I fight these

Follow your heart and
the keyblades will tell you


The keyblades

With that said the voice remained silent letting her focus
on the battle. About seven more creatures came into view from god know where.
Something filled her mind calming her down enough to think straight.

Focus only on
defeating the enemy

Image a snowflake
becoming arrows of ice

The voice seemed to talk her though to a point on how to
fight. More calming thoughts came as she imagined her friends. Two screams
robbed her of anymore thought as she realized, that two out of the seven
creatures were hit with ice arrows from her. They turned to black dust which
only covered the ground slowly.

Now I get it I think

Quickly using the chain she was given, Kitsune sprinted
forward slicing three of the creatures in half. One tried to jump behind her
for a sneak attack but, was cut in half by her blood keyblade. She didn’t need
to waste her time blocking them if, she was the one always on offense. Growling
she hacked away at them like a killer until, her ankles were covered in the
black dust. Letting out a breath she felt that she could finally sort out her

What are those

They are called the

What does that mean?

Ones who hearts have
been consumed by the darkness

Why I am connected to
all of this?

The keyblade chose
you as its master

Am I the only one it

No they are more
keyblades out there and more chosen ones

Just one more


How am I going to face
Xion now that I’m a girl?!?

That I can’t answer
but you’re fighting spirit should calm down if you’re not around the heartless
or other keyblade wielders

So these keyblades are
like beacons for wielders to find each other?

Yes and also for the
heartless to find you

Cool...Wait what?

Please tell me what
you think of the rest chapter. I hope you liked it and if you review I’ll be
sure to put who reviewed in my next chapter. Reviewers should have some credit
too since they help so much with encouragement. He next chapter is going to be
about Xion and her keyblade and I’m going to say that she gets hers after a
really terrible act against her mother.
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Unspoken memories
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