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Hello and Welcome to Bleach Awake and Alive! I am your Administrator Kisuke Urahara. Here you can meet lots of people, experience great Rp's in the world of Bleach...and most'll have fun! Start off by reading the rules, then go on and make your character. Please when joining the site, you must have a first and last name, and there is a SPACE between the darn thing. Listen to the few other Admins and have a great time!!! :D

Welcome to Bleach Awake and Alive, we are currently under construction and you can deal with it! >=[
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 Ayame Hikari (vizard)

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Ayame Hikari

Ayame Hikari

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PostSubject: Ayame Hikari (vizard)   Ayame Hikari (vizard) I_icon_minitimeSun May 30, 2010 5:31 am

Basic Character Info

Name: Ayame Hikari

Age: 750

Visual Age: 18

Gender: Female

Ex-Division: second division Captain

Appearance: Ayame Hikari (vizard) Pbucketsee avatar

Personality: she's a beautiful petite girl with a huge attitude,in battle she is bloodthirsty,but if she chooses to be merciful,which is very rare,she'll show some signs of compassion,but when she's not in battle she is easy going at times and is somewhat perverted and extrememly seductive at times, using her body or words to make teasing gestures. yet from experience of once being a captain she has an excellent sense of judgement and has great leadership skills, helping her think throughly about her opponent. She also has a soft side to her,anyone who isn't her enemy is considered a friend or something of the sort. she hates seeing her friends die in front of her eyes and will do anything to avenge them which leads to her fatal flaw.

Background:as a human, her brother and mother died in a car accident, leaving her with her abusive father, she dropped out of high school to get a job to pay off the rents, her father wasn't any help, he wasted the money on drugs and invited his friends over for a game of poker, she hated her father, one day, she packed her bag to leave, but unfortunately, when she was about to leave one of her father's friends where really drunk, he grabbed her and pulled her back inside, he pushed her into a small room and raped her there, when she refused and fought, he took a switchblade and cut her, there, she bled to death, her naked body laying on the ground..lifeless....

As her soul wandered around in search for help,a hollow came by and tried to consume her a soul reaper appeared and sent her straight to the soul society using konso.After graduating from the academy and training for many years,Ayame obtained the position of lieutenant of the second division. the same day she perfected her Bankai, the captain of the second division died and Ayame took her place, leading her squad with fair judgement,and good leader ship like their deceased captain did. Sadly it all comes to an end as Ayame starts to black out constantly during battles and spars, waking up to find her surroundings almost destroyed. fearing that her friends or squad would get hurt,she left the seretei and promised to become stronger.

(all other info is unknown)

RP Sample: Thunder and lightning strikes in the city of tokyo as the rain falls
down hard to earth. Walking down the street,not caring if she gets get
wet. Kohaku sighs,keeping her head down,making sure no humans see her
ruby red eyes. wearing her black tang top with a black short sleeve
hooded jacket,baggy black jeans that hang off her hips,and black
sneakers. keeping her hair in a ponytail and her blade taking the shape
of a pocket knife and hidden deep in her pocket. as the rain fell on
her head and slowly dripped down her face she looked up at the sky
letting a few more raindrops hit her face. it felt good. the clouds
where dark,no light was shining through them, yet she could tell that
the sun was setting, letting the darkness creep in. Kohaku closed her
eyes and inhaled lightly as she felt her senses sharpening...

heading towards her destination. an empty field with a single tree
rooted into the heart of it. She slightly smirked and leaned back
against the rough bark. sliding down,she sat in a crouched position and
sighed. the night's breeze was cool yet somewhat relaxing. She leaned
her head back and closed her eyes once again, hearing the wind blow
through the leaves and the rain making contact with the earth.

Zanpakutō Information


Release Phrase: Enter the world of darkness Tsukemawasu

Element/Family: Shadow/Dark


Sealed Zanpakuto:Ayame Hikari (vizard) Moz-screenshotAyame Hikari (vizard) Moz-screenshot-1


Shikai Ability: She has the ability to teleport through shadows, while teleporting she
can also go trough solid objects and elements such as buildings,rock,
metal,fire, ice,ect.She can also take allys if she wishes but she can
only take up to three people at a time.

She can create a clone
image of her enemy from a shadow, the shadow clone has the exact
replica of the original's strength and speed but it can't copy the
original's abilities.the shadows can be destroyed by sunlight only.

She can blast dark energy from her blade causing heavy damage to the opponent if he/she is struck by it.

can also manipulate black fire,it acts just like actual fire except
it's black and it's 50x can even burn in the water,it can be
put out with actual sunlight. Yet if the black fire comes in contact
with other sources of fire it can consume it transforming it Into more
black fire making it more powerful.

She can create dark matter from her blade, causing 100 miles radious to
be surrounded by complete darkness including the sky leaving everyone
in that area temporarily blind for two posts.not even fire,or any other
source of light can help.


Bankai Ability: She has the ability to teleport anywhere she wishes if she was at the specific location. She can create dark energy that can surround objects and move them where ever she wishes. she can tear shadow like portals into the sky and deflect any attack that flies into it and open another portal anywhere she wishes to send the attack flying right back at her opponent. (except physical attacks caused by hand to hand combat.)

Hollow Mask

Name: Akuma


Ability: Using Akuma she can summon up to 300 wolf like demons from the shadows to attack her enemy, they can regenerate if they are cut but they disintegrate in sunlight.

She can shoot 15 black ceros at her opponent from all directions, the power of each cero is similar to a gran ray cero.

she can regenerate any limb (like some hollows.) except internal organs.

Hollow Mask Appearance:

Duration/Cooldown: (How long your mask can stay out, and how long until you can use it again. 8 posts is the maximum. Your mask's cooldown will be 2 more posts of the mask's duration, (i.e: if the mask lasts for 2 posts then it will be a 5 posts cool down, if it lasts for 4 posts then 6 posts cool down and so on..)


Name: (The name of your tech)
State: (Shikai Bankai or both?)
Description: (What your tech is, and what it does)
Duration and/or cooldown:
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Ayame Hikari (vizard)
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