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Welcome to Bleach Awake and Alive, we are currently under construction and you can deal with it! >=[
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PostSubject: simon (vizard)   simon (vizard) I_icon_minitimeSun May 09, 2010 9:19 pm

Name: Simon
Age: 350

Visual Age: 20

Gender: Male

Ex-Division: 3rd

simon (vizard) Ferd-sothe

Personality: Simon is a person who along the way lost his mind. He’s not a psychotic killer but rather a happy insane. His mind is twisted due to the horrors he has lived threw that he doesn’t even remember his original name. his mind is possibly irretrievable and is so twisted that every now and then Simon will often slip into odd hallucinations twisting what ever situation he’s in and giving it a weird lemony twist. (I.E. some one would appear to him to be a talking donkey. Or perceive a cero as something else. Please note that he is the ONLY one who sees these hallucinations.)

Simons mind is not always clouded but even when he is ‘sane’ he still comes off as weird. because even thou he can understand the world around him he often doesn’t like it. often he is more threatening when he is sane then when he is delusional. He has logic and accsess to higher thinking at all times he just often doesn’t use such things living by a personal motto of “in the arena of logic, I fight unarmed.”

Background/RP Sample

Background: adopted into a family in the richer areas of rukongai Simon’s original name was Zackary Arctanis. As zakary he lived with a loving family for a long time. Until the night when his life was torn from him, his father owed a group of thugs money for some event that had taken place, and when he couldn’t pay it they decided to take his debt from him. his father was murdered and his mother and sister raped then murdered in front of him. the only reason Zackary lived was because he hid himself in a closet, alone and shivering he was forced to listen to the screams of his family as everyone he loved died.

Zackary emerged scared but not broken. The event showed him that life was cruel so why should he have been any different? He decided he would join the shinigami working towards his goal of justice. He joined the academy for the soul purpose of exterminating anything he viewed as evil. During his time in the academy he earned the nickname “the cold genius” As he never seemed to speak to anyone but his work was always excellent.

Upon graduation Zackary joined the 3rd squad, which works in execution. This did not come as a surprise to any of his instructors. Even among executioners the man was cold and distant. He wasn’t the type who you think was going to kill a member of his squad it was more of just a matter of time for Zackary. Years passed as a member of squad three working him to the position of third seat. And that’s when the second disaster struck.

A mission to the world of the living, bring back a rouge shinigami for execution. The problem was Zackary didn’t bring back the shinigami. When he found the rouge he was covered in the blood of a small girl. Zackary didn’t wait to kill him he just did. However the whole situation brought back the screams of his family. It brought him to his knees. And it was in that moment of intense rage of powerful emotions that his mind shattered, and in that vary moment everything broke apart for him.

For a while Zackery didn’t even have reason to how he moved threw life. He was brain dead, in the sense that he couldn’t talk he couldn’t reason he couldn’t think until his soul managed to piece its self back together… some what. As his soul was broken apart it needed to recreate its self from the pieces. His hateful views of the world and Logic became his inner hollow.
his memories became what his Zanpakuto spirit would derive from, leaving him a mass of every emotion under the sun, no logic or reason or rhyme just emotion.

In the three way battle that ensued for control logic and reason were subjugated, but at a price the raw emotions that formed up the shinigami was cooled down and the memories now torn from his body became his Zanpakuto. Balanced was restored but as Zack awoke into a world he knew nothing about with no idea what his powers were he was alone. Years passed the new reborn vizard eventually chose a name for himself calling himself simon. He learned what his mask and Zanpakuto was. But has yet to unlock his Zanpakuto or hear the voice of his spirit which was forged from memories of a tortured past.

Zanpakutō Information

Name: N/A

Release Phrase: N/A


Manifestation: N/A

Sealed Zanpakuto: a regular katana with a black handle spans 40 inchis in length.

Shikai: N/A

Shikai Ability:N/A

[Bankai applies only for Captains, Advanced Vice Captains and Elite Vaizards]

Bankai: N/A

Bankai Ability: N/A
Hollow Mask

Name: Rojikku (logic)

simon (vizard) Zihark

Ability: shoki: (sanity) when warring his mask part of his mind reconnects that part allows him to think more clearly. He can evaluate a situation and respond with clear coherent thought and logic. Donning his mask frees his mind from insanity, this comes from the fact that his mask was born from the part of his mind that handled logic.

Hollow Mask Appearance: simon (vizard) Vizard_Mask_by_Randolf1712

Duration/Cooldown: 5 posts with a 7 post cool down

Name: cero
State: mask
Description: a powerfull burst of spiritual energy that does crushing and burning damage. His is green in couler.

Duration and/or cooldown: instant with a 3 post cool down.
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