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PostSubject: Nayleth   Nayleth I_icon_minitimeSat May 08, 2010 6:33 pm

based on a character made by a friend of mine
Basic Character Info

Name: Nayleth

Age: 127

Visual Age: 18-20

Gender: Female

Division: 4th division

Rank: Vice-captain

Appearance: Nayleth 29734-untitled_super

Nayleth is average height and weight (5' 5" 110 pounds) she has blue eyes and normal complexion for being Japanese. Her body is fairly athletic since she practices both sword fighting and hand to hand as much as she can. Her bust line makes people notice her and often causes her to to smack most people (36-24-32), She wears a Kimono and skirt although instead of black and white they are light blue with a dark blue trim. She also wears clogs instead of straw sandals.

Personality: Nayleth prefers being left alone for the most part. She can handle being around people but she really doesn't want anyone getting close to her at all. It isn't that she hates people though, she just doesn't want to lose anyone she cares about which makes her reject people out of hand before she can become attached to them.

She is very sensitive and does almost everything she can to hide this fact from everyone. Including putting up a gruff exterior to make everyone dislike or hate her. This is a self defense mechanism she made to ensure that she can't/won't watch friends or loved ones suffer from pain or injuries or even die. She thinks that if people die without getting close tot hem, it will affect her less or not at all. This isn't the case but she refuses ti admit it.

If someone is persistent enough they can become Nayleth's friend maybe more, but she will never admit it in public. She will even go so far as to snub friends if they show her any attention in front of others. If necessary she will even smack or injure who ever she is dating if they show public affection for her. It is out of habit though and doesn't want to hurt them, she just doesn't want anyone to know that she really does care about people so that she can keep everyone at arms length or greater.

Background/RP Sample

Background: Nayleth wandered around in the east Rukon district for a few years before being found by a pair of Shinigami on patrol. She was the only one carrying a sword on her when they came across her. The fact that she was the only one standing amidst an entire block block of dead bodies made them think she went crazy, but when she sighed and cleaned off the blade of her sword with her shoulders slumped they realized things weren't as first thought.

They approached her and she refused their help, she even went so far as to tell them to leave her alone or they would get hurt. The two Shinigami persisted in finding her where ever she went to offer her help but she always refused them. One of them was ready to give up, but his friend insisted they keep trying to help her. Eventually much to their surprise she finally accepted their help. They were both stunned by this, but they took her to the academy and had her enrolled.

After many years in the academy she finally graduated, although she didn't graduate very in the top 10 much less the top 40 percent in anything, she did impress some of the teachers. They liked her ability to to remain focused on the task at hand, although they were appalled by the fact she would seemingly cut down allies to achieve the mission's goal. Although she never killed her team mates they disliked working with her due to her intentional attempts to drive them away from her.

She even had a room by herself after only 4 months of being accepted into the academy, no one wanted to room with her after she beat the crap out of her 5th room mate for trying to ask her questions she didn't want to answer. Everyone considered Nayleth a loose cannon and very unpredictable. So when she was selected for the 4th division it shocked a lot of Shinigami greatly. What truly shocked them was when she was made vice-captain right out of the academy. Nayleth seemed the worst choice to be put in the 4th division and the worst choice for vice-captain in any division with the possible exception of the 11th. Even than she didn't seem to be more than average at fighting in any style.

Nayketh still does her best to keep everyone as far away from herself as she can much to the concern of her captain and the Shinagim who enrolled her into the academy. How ever one of those two Shinigami has figured why she does it, he confronted her about it and she got him to swear to keep it a secret. He knows the path she walks is one she chose for herself, and despite the fact he disagrees with it, he can't see a way to change her mind. Although on the day he confronted her they both saw his friend die, Nayleth shunpoed off and he found her in a cave crying. After that he made his promise to keep her secret and not do anything out of the ordinary towards her. Only he knows the real reasons behind how she acts towards others and won;t tell even the central 46 under any circumstances.

RP Sample: Nayleth watches as everyone runs around treating the wounded or brings things to a patient's room for various reasons. She looks around with an emotionless expression on her face seemingly not caring if anyone there were to suddenly die for any reason. Her vice-captains badge is on her right arm and she stands there with her arms crossed over her chest. her eyes narrowed as if she were bored or planning to smack someone unexpectedly for little or no reason.

She decides to walk off without saying a word causing many of the Shinigami present to sigh quietly in relief. She continues on her way knowing that they know exactly what they are doing, they don't need her watching them like screw ups, she isn't their mother nor does she want to be. She goes looking for her captain to find out what is going on, although her true reason is to get away from everyone for awhile. Sometimes she just wants to vanish and be alone in the woods and not deal with the whining of others. She knows she has to word her request carefully since the central 46 may try to use anything she says or does as an excuse to deal with her.

Zanpakutō Information

Name: Ekihime

Release Phrase: Devastate Ekihime

Element/Family: Reiatsu

Manifestation: Ekihime looks like a tall red haired woman with a large bust line (5' 11" 125 pounds {44-26-36}) She carries a sword that is the exact same as Nayleth's including Shikai and Bankai forms. Only Ekihime has full use of every ability. Ekihime tends to be annoyed at Nayleth since she pushes everyone away from her. She actually refuses Ekihime to be close to her as well. The only reason Ekihime even lets her use Shikai and Bankai is because Nayleth treats everyone coldly in public, and because she seals away her emotions when in battle.

However if Nayleth and Ekihime were to ever fight, Nayleth would be at a serious disadvantage against her. Ekihime knows her weaknesses and how to use them against her. Ekihimelives for two reasons, 1 - to fight and destroy her enemies. 2 - to defend those who can't protect themselves. Ekihime knows that Nayleth is more tha capable of meeting the first goal Ehikhime lives for, but Nayleth tend sto fail at meeting the 2nd goal much to Ekihime's disappointment.

Sealed Zanpakuto: A normal Katana with dark red wrappings although the blade is double edged.

Shikai: Shikai looks the same as the sealed form except dual wield and the blades are 50% longer than the sealed form.

Shikai Ability: Nayleth's Shikai allows her to launch cero like attacks if she swing both blades in the same direction at the same time. However she can't do it at will as of yet, she hasn't perfected this ability so it is spotty and may not function when she needs it.

She can also make a barrier almost like the blood mist shield used by Kisuke Urahara's Benihime, but bigger and not quite as durable. This is because she hasn't learned how to use it fully. Yet another ability she has to practice more. However unlike Kisuke's blood mist shield she can't fire needle like attacks from her barrier/shiled.

[Bankai applies only for Captains, Advanced Vice Captains and Elite Vaizards]

Bankai: Dual wield AK-47's with slings

Bankai Ability: In Bankai Nayleth can fire highly condensed spirit particles at a high rate of speed, although this can cause lots of damage, the rounds of spirit particles aren't particularly accurate. The proper use of Shunpo or Sonido can allow an opponent to dodge most if not all of the rounds fired at them. However she can also use life energy to pack a slightly bigger punch. The drawbacks though are that she can only use her rieatsu in the attacks which can tirdd her out quickly, also if she over uses the ability to utilize life energy in attacks she can be defeated or killed fairly easily.
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PostSubject: Re: Nayleth   Nayleth I_icon_minitimeSun May 09, 2010 1:10 am

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